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Medical Transcription Business - About Us

K&S Medical offers a full array of cost-effective medical transcription services.  As an experienced medical transcription business, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction, extreme accuracy, fast turnaround, competitive prices and secure confidentiality. Our flexible solutions have helped a full range of healthcare facilities cut costs, improve transcription quality, productivity, and meet the challenges of changing healthcare documentation requirements.
We provide accuracy, personal service, and HIPAA compliance for all of our medical transcription reports..
Our number one goal is client satisfaction. That’s why K&S Medical has achieved one of the highest client retention and referral rates in the industry and has remained one of the industry’s leading private, profitable companies for over a decade.
We work with all audio formats for our online transcription services. We have programs that will convert whatever format you send us to compatible formats for our transcriptionists. We recommend digital files because of the clarity of the recording and the ease of uploading to the Internet via a USB cable that comes with your digital recorder. Digital dictation can be stored and tracked electronically. These can be transmitted (uploaded) instantly and your reports are returned the same way. We also transcribe mini-cassettes, micro-cassettes and standard size cassettes.

Accurate and Timely Medical Transcription Services Delivered to Meet the Critical Needs of the Medical Professions.